Hey Zee, crocodile - an interesting power animal indeed. So I could share some reflections from what I perceive for you and everyone tuning in - see what resonates.

What I'm about to share may seem a bit 'out-there' to some, and if so, work to consider it more simply as an 'energy'. We can clearly see the evidence of unconscious consumption at large generally in the world today and it's something just about everyone has to work with.

Understanding Raptor Consciousness

Of course a crocodile is a reptile! And to me, a physical form of the Reptilian energy or Raptor Consciousness here on earth that was around long before man. Although I maintain that the DNA config came from elsewhere - from Draco, carried on a meteor. Of course people will have heard lots of negatives about the Reptilian consciousness - very controlling, overriding, little respect for other species and other sentient life, it's all-consuming.

But there are very positive attributes too.

They animate the darkness, the density. It's like their form helps weave together a consenses reality, a karmic construct for the benefit of experience. If you eat meat, it tends to lower your vibration and bind you into the physical, and that's essentially what they do - bind the physical.

They are born survivors and exceptionally resilient. They will thrive in the most challenging, acidic and toxic environments. They're strong team players and acquiesce to a hierarchy that works for them. They're amazingly focussed, and won't easily be drawn from their purpose. You see a lot of this energy in business.

Releasing the Energy

The Reptilians here are now increasingly realigning. They're being extracted through interdimensional portals back to Draco by their original soul family there. Although some are incarnating in human form. And there's another realignment that one can explore, which is dragon energy. If you sense that a Reptilian entity might be with you, then you can work to realign it. The first thing though is how to identify it? You can get to know it by the heavy feeling in the gut, kind of like indigestion or constipation, a bloated feeling. Another aspect of it would be a feeling of something in the throat (a tentacle) and a tightness around the head. If you feel any of this, you can start exploring and bringing awareness to it, challenging it,  being clear that you won't be controlled by it. You might start to feel the energy getting jittery and moving.

At this point it's important to then bring awareness to your own consumptive behaviourisms: what you eat, how you physically exercise the body, how your awareness is in sexual intimacy. If we become unconscious in these activities, that's were the Reptilian entity can hide in the density and consume of the energy released. So by working on the energies in oneself, the entity will start to detach. If you wanted to get rid of it at this point, you could use something like the Openhand Releasing Entities Meditation which channels them out of your field.

Getting the Energy to Work With You

Alternatively, if you're feeling courageous and intrigued, you could open a dialogue with it. Basically you could invite it to work with you. As you realign your own behaviours around the physical, you're sending out a resonance of realignment, a communication. Be clear in your mind what does and doesn't serve you. You have to become quite focussed and direct about this or else it'll feel any form of doubt and weakness, which it will then try to exploit. But if you can be firm and clear, the balance will swing in your favour. Martial arts, Meditation, Tai Chi and more rigorous forms of Yoga. But it's essential in all of these that you're not simply repeating mindless repetitive exercise where there are blind spots of unconsciousness - because this encourages and animates the Reptilian energy.

Progressively then, you start to feel the power of this energy begin to work with you. It has many excellent attributes: (1) the 'gut-feeling' intuitions about the matrix greatly increase (2) there's an intelligence in the gut that can weave through life (3) focus and commitment greatly increase (3) the energy can literally bend the consciousness of the surrounding lower densities around your creative aligned action (4) you pick up flows in the lower densities of the matrix more strongly.

I had to smile when the film series came out "How to Train Your Dragon!" How much truth there is in a cartoon! Here's an Openhand Video I made some while back called "Healing the Wounded Dragon" which explores some of the ways in which to realign the energy within...

So I offer this exploration for everyone today. At the very least, it would be worthwhile exploring the physical consumptiveness within your behaviours and working to realign them. If you felt you had an entity of this kind (many do), then by bringing consciousness to it, you can release it. Alternatively, you could explore working with that energy to help you in the lower physical densities, to help pave pathways through the matrix.

A fascinating inquiry indeed, and also very relevant to our Safari here in Africa.

In loving support

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