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Very interesting...I had to switch to "filtered HTML" so that the comment box would appear.

I found this sharing so fascinating! I understand the realigning of the raptor consciousness now differently...and as I was reading about some of the attributes of the raptor consciousness, I could see this energy's expression in some close relational dynamics - and it shed some light on things - some great gifts in those qualities as well - so thank you for sharing that!

About 10 days ago I felt prodded to explore some ways that I am giving into consumptive patterns - the beautiful thing is that it's arising very naturally from within...gently but it's not like tackling everything at once...but I feel very supported in confronting one aspect at a time and feel so centered and committed without forcing anything. Synchronistically, the words "Dragon Rising" spiked for me over the weekend and have been sort rolling around within me since.

Imagining the land and skyscapes of Africa and tuning in...sending love <3 Jen