Hey Hey!


for me this reptilian/dragon energy is protective and yet seeks freedom as well. Its not something I ever really thought to have an interest in until about four years ago when they started showing up everywhere including a photo I luckily captured of one that "looks" like a dragon. I see them alot in my paintings as well without ever actually intending to paint something as specific as that.

I guess it say's to me to find more balance between myself. To be kind yet firm in what I want for me, instead of just happily going along with the flow of things which if I'm honest with myself isn't always in my best interest. But something I learned recently through this tundra meditation is so simple I cant believe it didn't occur to me before. I learned that it is ok to be the protector/guardian of another person's story. That the change I bring is sometimes necessary and may not be looked upon as the most positive thing ever, but in the long run it helps.   

I never really accumulated many things before either yet lately I have found myself collecting different kinds of rocks, gems, minerals. I understand the energy they bring but for me its more like ooooh treasure! Kind of satisfying my own internal dragon I suppose.