Africa is a rich and colourful continent - I'm sure Openhand's work here has only just begun. There's so much history relating humanity's seeding, convoluted past, and the emergence from supression and slavery, which of course in a sense, we've all suffered at the hands of the matrix. It's definitely a topic that's been bubbling to the surface here for the group to work on.

And just across the cove, is this incredible monument, which would seem to depict the emergence of empowered beingness from the pyramid, from the matrix. At least that's how I'm interpreting it!...

So for today's inquiry, I felt to share a meditation I did with the group, about the emergence from suprression.

Here's the meditation...

Reflect on situations where you feel like you feel like you've been repressed, subjugated or disempowered. It could be a physical subjugation of a past life, or it could be an emotional mental one from this life. It could have origins in the intervention, where people were abducted. See the images in as much detail as possible. Then feel the contractions inside in your field. Express the feelings through an appropriate position - I got people to imagine they were caged. Contract into it. Express with sound how it feels. What is it like to be controlled in this way?

In the midst of it, realise that everything exists within the One, and as the One, there is nothing that can contain you. Open a doorway through the contraction and exand out.

Now feel the density of the contraction and visualise/feel it breaking. Begin to breathe deeply and move the body, slowly at first, but with increasing strength and vigour. Put on some empowering music and feel yourself breaking apart this energetic cage.

Rest in your empowerment.

So see how you get on, and do share your experiences. I'm sure this kind of disempowerment sits in just about everyone's karma.

I wish you well with it.

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