It's a powerful sharing Paul - moved me deeply over here in Africa today. Thankyou The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

What you're describing is a truth that's been hidden from humanity, karma that many are beginning to wake up to, and it's depicted so well in the Matrix film. Humanity has been downgraded - genetically hybridised - to fit within a system of control, which he can't see, smell or touch. It's the veil that's been purposefully pulled down over our eyes. The point being though, it's much more than an intellectual control - DNA has been modified to receive the matrix frequency - which is why so many continue living the way they do, even though a part of them knows it doesn't serve.

When you waken this aspect deeper and fuller, then your every step, your every breath, becomes a challenge to the consciousness that is holding you back - a limitation which is to be located in all the inner tight spots, where you close down in life and become small, where you choose the conditioned pathway, the programs of obligation and fear, instead of the expansiveness of the soul.

Thankfully more and more people are waking up to the calling of their soul. And from here, anything becomes possible!

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