Today is the final formal day of the retreat here in Mozambique, which has been tremendous. I've felt such a warm and loving connection from our African sisters, and I know this is just the beginning of the Openhand work here. It's been a level 1 retreat, and yet we've explored deep into many areas that would usually only be covered in the later work. I believe there's a growing thirst in the world to truly explore the truth, the reality of what's been going on and where we're heading.

Today I will regress people into Gaia's past history. Why exactly did she draw the intervention here in the first place? And how will she unravel it as she ditches the karmic baggage. It will likely bring fear, but we'll work with it in the usual Openhand Breakthrough Approach. But it's also sure to bring up expansive liberation as people let go of the fears, let go of the karma, and expand into the sense of the New Paradigm - a world without rules and limitations, borders and controls.

So I invite you to join us. Check out the Paradigm Shift film below - specifically chapter 4 "Goddess of Humanity", which starts at 35 minutes in. Watch it, and then take yourself into meditation. Feel your deep connection with Gaia and the journey she's making. What fears does her shift bring up? What karma? If it does, then work into it by expressing it, becoming as-one with it, totally accepting it, and then expressing the soul as it emerges out. Then please do share your experiences. I'll happily offer a supportive reflection. Slightly Smiling