Sanibonani, with love from Africa.

The Openhand Project for me is puts forward a philosophy that puts my thoughts and questions into a perspective that helps me to break down societal constructs that have mostly served to confuse me and make me feel guilty, fearful and cautious.

I came to the OpenHand Retreat in Tofo, many, many kilometers away from my home, the beautiful mountainous Kingdom of eSwatini (Formerly known as Swaziland). I came to the retreat to learn more about the Paradigm Shift. I have not only learnt quite a lot, but i have lived it too, or rather experienced aspects of it.

Everyday we live the love we live it by being our true selves. Learning how to not only unlock my truest potential but also learning to live it out has always been important to me. The retreat has assisted me in many ways that made me go deeper into me and finding out more about what is my groove, how i connect to the flow, and the courage to keep on pressing in terms of not compromising.

Why would i like to stay connected? To stay connected inspite of the busyness of life is not necessarily the most easy accomplishment, but its imperative. I have struggled to prioritize "me" time in its most authentic sense; always being  busy making sure everything is going well for everyone around me. It's wonderful being of service but even more important to be of service to self so I can be of more service to others.


Open, Marije and Hannah have been amazing. Our hosts, Nick and Nelia are the bombdiggidy and the team of participants the best collective to have had this amazing experience with.


As with any philosophy that has its basis in being altruistic and a whole bag of chips, it gives a clearly conceivable breakdown of what the Flow means and why its important for us to keep BEING.