For several weeks I have been led to renewing my newsletter  "The African Ring" which I began shortly before I moved to Botswana in 2011 and ended with one or more letters when I unexpectedly returned to The States.  But I have thought it needed a new name with a new focus, reflecting "the shift" we are now experiencing.

I have the name...and this particular Open newsletter confirms it for me.  Adam's Calendar and many of the sites I saw in Botswana indicate an original "shift" in which the home sapiens emerged. 

Now we are shifting again, since 2012, and are witnessing the 6th Mass Extinction which will certainly include the demise of the human race and all its constructs. A new evolved species is emerging even as the extinction of the old takes place.  

My new writing is to be called


Does this not reflect what we are all experiencing?  The borthing of anew species with it's new and permanent aura as we enter the higher dimensions?  To me it does...