Hi Open and everyone else,

Your journey to these different African sites, especially Adam’s Calendar, is definitely stirring something in me. Also, the title and theme of the virtual retreat - ORIGINS - is highly synchronistic with the themes my soul is circling around and exploring right now. I believe I have some deep karmic roots in the whole seeding and emergence of the Original Human. I have had some powerful regressions suggesting that, and my consciousness has almost been a bit obsessively attracted to the topic whenever it has appeared in my life. When I first read DIVINICUS, I practically sped through the whole thing just to get to the part about the original seedings, and then I read that part over and over.

What spiked for me now was the name ADAM, in Adam’s Calendar. When I read that, I suddenly remembered a series of dreams that I had about a year ago. It was 4 dreams that all came right after each other in a sequence on the same night, with me waking up between each of them. All dreams were very vivid and charged with strong feeling. That’s why I could recall all of them in detail in the morning. I have since managed to unriddle some of the themes and metaphors in these dreams, but I still haven’t figured out all of them, especially dream 2 and 3. I’m also still trying to find the common thread between all of them, because I feel they are all interrelated somehow. Any reflections/interpretations are sincerely appreciated Praying Emoji




1) The Lesser Twin

I saw my Twin Flame and I went up to embrace him and connect with him, but he pushed me away. My Twin Flame was represented by a man I met in real life many years ago whom I felt a really strong connection to, but who rejected my feelings.

Sad from the rejection, I looked around and saw another man. He was the twin of my Twin Flame, but a ‘lesser’ one, and my attraction to him wasn’t as strong. He, on the other hand, opened his arms right up to me and invited me straight into his loving lap. He wanted me, and after the harsh rejection I had just suffered, it felt really nice to be loved and cared for. So, I assumed this was who I was meant to be with and not the one I had originally set my sights on.

But as soon as I settled with him, a group of people came up to me and said, “WOW! We just saw the sparks between you and that guy. The energy between you was just amazing!” I thought they meant the lesser twin, whom I was now with, but they firmly said “No, no, no! The other one that we saw you with. That’s the one!”

I was highly confused by this, since that guy had so clearly rejected me. What did they see that I had missed?



There were 3 families with kids in some kind of residential community. My college ex-boyfriend and his family were one of them, but I didn't know the others. They were all really tight and helped each other out to take care of the kids. I needed to run some errands, but I needed to go alone and I had my son with me. I securely and comfortably left my little son with them to look after him while I was gone. But here is the strange part; I didn’t call my son by his name. I called him ADAM.

As I was leaving, I turned around and firmly said to his temporary caretakers “Take good care of ADAM!”

I woke up right in that last sentence with the name ADAM still on my tongue. I immediately knew this was related to Adam – the “original human” somehow, but I still haven’t figured out the connection


3) The Trust Fund

The same 3 families featured in this dream as in the second one. Except this time, I was not involved. I was just witnessing. The 3 families were in a business meeting. They had all agreed to set up a Trust Fund between them for the benefit of all their children. Each family went in with the same amount of money. If anything were to happen to any of the parents from any of the 3 families, the collective money would go to the children of that particular family that was in need. As a witness, I was really moved by this collective community action, and also a little jealous that I wasn’t a part of it.


4) The Fig Tree

It was winter and everything was withered and dead on the dull residential street where I was walking. Suddenly, I took a turn into one of the backyards, a hard cold square space with little charm. Far in one of the corners of this backyard, a sad looking twiggy bush caught my eye. When I went up close, I saw it was actually a small, strangely shaped tree. And not any tree. It was undoubtedly a fig tree, for there were several huge, perfectly ripe figs hanging from its thin brown leafless branches.

I felt a sudden leap of excitement in my heart, as I decided to pick two of these unimaginably succulent figs to share with my husband. After I had picked them, a man met me at the gate. I assumed it was my husband, but strangely enough I couldn’t see his face, so I wasn’t sure. All I could see was intense bright light. How would I know who it was if I couldn’t see his face? I understood I had to use other senses than my eyes in order to recognise him. So, I closed my eyes and started smelling him instead. He did not smell like my husband, but I never figured out who he was before I woke up...


If any intuitive clues land out there, please share…

Much love to everyone,