Good morning from Siberian Kansas City! I enjoyed reading about the Adams  Calendar site.  It was not much talked about in Botswana.  But then, we have our own sites which I have found also have need of clearing.  Having traipsed to and through many archeological sites I find that all of them need clearing.  Some were so negative we actually could not do much....even the Bedouin in Arabia would avoid such places.  Oh the stories I could tell you about the manifestations of some of them!  I now don't go near historic sites without either stage smudges, salt and a black crystal or onyx stone in my pocket.  If I can't clear it, at least I won't be affected or infected  by the entities which still inhabit the place.

May I suggest you go through a complete self cleaning once you get home.  Whatever you are led to do, do it. Africa has many entities that are NOT HAPPY when we show up.  There are many many times I have had experiences with them. Africans know them well and know their powers.  To Westeners it sounds like mindless superstition., but those who have lived in such places know first hand of their retrivutions. Take very very good care of yourselves when you get home, and certainly before you go out again.   You dont want to be an unwitting carrier of the negatives.

In Light and Gold,