Hi Open,

What Sandra shared above is very synchronistic for me, and I feel I need to ask for some insight into what might be happening to me right now.

It seems I may have been more tuned in to your visit to Adam’s Calendar than I thought. That day that you were there something very intense happened to me that I think might be connected to your visit. 

That same day I did the Bow meditation. It was a very powerful experience and I cried almost all my way through it. They were tears of intense release but also tears of heartbreak. The kind of heartbreak you can feel when you realise that big chunks of your life were governed by other influences than your own and you suddenly see through the veils of illusion you have been operating behind. 

With every Bow, I felt more and more of the Orion energy detaching from my being, and with this release I witnessed a rewind and a review of certain aspects of my life, primarily relationships, where this energy has been dominating. It was a paradox of feelings. I could so clearly taste the sweetness of truth, but at the same time, I touched that deep place of sadness that comes when you realise you have to readjust your whole relationship to ‘reality’. Saying that though, I’m deeply grateful for this insight.

INSTANTLY, when my meditation was over, my throat swelled up to the point where I could hardly swallow. Yes, it literally happened instantly. I had no symptoms before I started meditating. I found this quite remarkable. Shortly after, I posted my sharing about Adam and the 4 dreams and right after, I felt pulled to pick up DIVINICUS and reread the part about your visit to Adam’s Calendar. I was astounded to find this as part of your experience there...

“And I felt a strong blocking sensation in my throat chakra too - a kind of 'woolliness'. For me, the throat chakra connects directly into higher mind, so it felt like some degree of reordering - downgrading - was taking place.”

A couple of hours later, I was hit with a really high fever that left me physically incapacitated for the whole next day. The fever has subsided today but my throat still feels like a thorn ball.

Now, I can’t help thinking this is connected to Adam’s Calendar somehow. 

Is it possible that if I was highly tuned into you guys, that I picked up some of the energies or sensations from there?

Or maybe the connection with that place somehow catalysed the release of all that Grey energy and what I’m experiencing now is some sort of cleansing process?

I would really appreciate some insight into what might be going on 🙏🏻


With gratitude,