Hi Anastasia,

It's clear indeed you were well tuned into the energy at Adam's Calendar - when someone has some kind of connected experience, yes you can connect to the ether with what we were doing there.

I experienced something much deeper this time than last - it seemed more a convergence between Annunaki, Grey and Reptilian consciousness - a kind of meeting point. A lot of grey energy was activated and released, so maybe you were feeling that.

With regards the throat chakra, it's likely to do with feeling the engineering that went on by the greys in that regard. Later this year, I'm already feeling to return to South Africa, but this time to the Sterkfontein Caves, where I believe the original benevolent seeding was instigated. When I visited last time, I felt a huge welling up and movement through my throat, which began as I passed the aptly named "spaceship junction" on my way there. I'll be putting a course on near there towards the end of October. You might consider coming. I already get the sense it will be a deep and profound experience.

Much love

Open Slightly SmilingAngel Halo