My heart goes out to you and I want to say thank you for sharing. I could sense somebody "out" there crying and it felt to me the kind of cry I have experienced so many times in my life, where your body and spirit start doing that convulsive stuttering when inhaling breath. Something I know very much of. I used to think surely I would die from sorrow, but death say's to me not today honey. You will pick yourself right back up again as you have done countless times before and you will be greater for what you have learned.


I do agree with spirit though in regards to knowing the reality of one's moment at hand. What you learn from it and what you learn about yourself. I can't say I fully understand this "ether." But I do know my human spirit is very inquisitive and very curious which has led me down a larger path of sensations as well. So to this I commend you on your exploration's in mind body and spirit and just want to give you a hug for what you experienced. I pray it doesn't stop you, but makes you stronger inside. Personally I went from seeing a huge chasm on the continent, to going inside a cave, to seeing how I am literally comprised of everything and if this all - the dna sequences strung together in such a manner of everything had not happened, then I could not of happened. To which I accept, but within that there seems to be disdain I feel from something that is not myself. It feels like the puritan thoughtform trying to oppress me all over again and even that could not contain me so this disdain can just go pffft and know what it is that it does! I feel like I left that cave with more wholeness and freedom inside of me So I raise my glass of water to you in cheers for your explorations! May it bring you peace and always sate your inner inquisition and curiosity.




as a side note, while I was writing this I got the email notification reply and in it Open you talk about the Sterkfontein Caves. I wonder if this is not what I saw. Even I too felt as if there was some sort of entity thing trying to choke me last week so I just let it because my usual tactics wouldn't stop it. I feel like a great mystery has been solved here for me and I'm really thankful for that! Now I think I'm going to go delve deeper into why some people have really dark spots on them and how I can actually help with that. But yet at the same time this "spaceship junction" has me very intrigued.