I can honestly say that I found myself holding my breathe as I read Sandra and Open’s conversation and I used to live down the road from Kaapsehoop so I’m gomsmacked!

It’s this conversation that led to me downloading the meditation on removing implants and entities having read this conversation yesterday. I did the meditation first thing this morning haha and I kid you not. And the fact that Africa has plenty such places and the world over is quite hectic. Is it as a result of a culmination of events in different dimensions over the same plain?

I’m not 100% sure how the terms implants and entities are defined in this context, but I sure can tell you that I have a good idea.

One of my main love and passions is Africa. How is it that we are most likely the one continent that’s lagging behind in terms of exploring philosophies such as Openhand’s 5D Paradigm shift project? Or are we not?

iYoh! My next question is, what happens to those of us who live within such areas, like Sibebe Rock, which is most likely, as we eluded to you, as we don’t cleanse? Nor did we know we need to, albeit it is a very African way to burn herbs to clear bad spirits.

What are the implications of not cleansing? Even the Catholic Church burns incense.

I read about a black crystal and some salt and pepper? I recall at the Yoga Shala in Tofo, that Open had such items right in the middle of the circle and boy was I keen to ask but with all the questions I had been bombarding him, I was like neh, I’m sure it will come up on the virtual community and I can learn from interaction on this platform.

How are people further affected by those carrying entities?

Also, what are some good ways to assist our young ones (children from 6 years on or less) to do these meditations. It doesn’t feel right to just do me.

And I would like to know how well Africans are accepting the importance of living consciously? We talk about Africa rising and I hope it’s also rising in terms of accessing this type of information.

Looking forward to hearing your inputs.