Hi Sindi,

Yes, it can be quite a shock at first when the multidimensional landscape we're living in comes into view. I've been introducing these concepts to people here in the virtual community and at events around the world for some 15 years now, so many are quite familiar with it.

Many of the archeological/spiritual sites do have this doubled sided coin to them. It always happens where a place can open into the dimensions. So it's essential to be aware when you vist them and to work to ground/realse entities, which comes over time with awareness and practice.

I do get the sense that there's a lot untapped about this in Africa. The country holds a special place in the Origination of man, and so it's bound to have been a hot-bed of intervention energies - as expressed at Adam's Calendar. And I think the spirit of Africa has been supressed quite heavily by this due to the Intervention and because of the impact of organised religion, which that energy actually feeds off. That's not to mention the slavery/aparteid periods through history.

So there's much to be done! But I also sense a great enthusiasm and commitment to delve deep now. I certainly would like to bring the Openhand work there further afield - and will be endeavouring to organise events with you guys for the months and years ahead.

Much love

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