Hi Open,

Thank you for sharing your experience. The Convergence of those three energies is a very interesting concept, and when you mention it, it resonates deeply within me. A strange reflection that comes to mind is that of the holy Trinity, but on the unholy, “fallen” side.

I also suddenly see a connection to one of my dreams above - dream No 2. In that dream I leave ‘ADAM’ in the ‘care’ of a community of 3 families. It can definitely be seen as a metaphor for leaving the original human in the ‘hands’ of 3 different but converging influences. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that in the dream, I felt very comfortable doing this. I was sure the 3 ‘families’ would be taking good care of Adam, which obviously can’t be said for what the Terrible Three ended up doing to Him.

Ever since I read DIVINICUS, I’ve had this secret wish to visit the Sterkfontein caves, to see what the place might unleash in me, but for some reason I never saw it as a realistic possibility. Even now my lower mind is already lining up a series of reasons why this wouldn’t be possible - Time, kids, finances, distance etc. But if I’ve learned one thing on this path it’s that  

if there is a divine will, there is ALWAYS a divine way.

So with that I accept your invitation and say

See you there! 👍