Dear Wyndè,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot really find the right 3D words to describe how your response/sharing makes me feel. But something about learning that someone out there (an actual human being) may have heard/sensed me cry is so deeply touching and comforting, it humbles me to the core. 

Just like you, I’ve been alone in that dark cold Winter Cave many times before and come out a stronger more resilient being, but this time my exit is marked by a clear change in season. You greet me like a little Spring Bird twittering those magic words I always longed to hear someone say in my solitary darkness...

You are not alone. I can hear you.

(And just as I wrote that I came to think of a dream I had a while ago. I dreamt I was at a small Openhand gathering and a little white bird came and ‘hung’ in the air like a colibri over my left shoulder. It was chirping incessantly into my left ear as if it had some really important message to give me, but I couldn’t make out what it was.)

Thank you Wyndè. Raise my glass right back at you. 

Cheers, Love!

❤️ 🕊