Anastasia your very welcome!!!  Sometimes its just nice knowing you are seen and heard and your not alone. I have been given that gift myself from spirit so I'm always more than happy to give it when I can.

I imagine though the little bird would just sing happily away and say I want for you everything you want for you and this or that moment in time is just merely that. That either way, it's going to be ok.  

It is funny you mention little birds though as I was remembering today a moment so long ago of my youngest son. My daughter wanted birds, so I got her some finches. One summer morning I was outside with my children cleaning the bird cage. I took the insert out of the bottom of the cage and as I was washing it off my young son lifted the cage up and there the birds went flying off. He stood there with this look of horror and happy on his face watching them and I just laughed so hard. Birds are not meant to be caged anyways! Fly birdy fly!