Dear Megha and Open,

Thanks for your feedback on my post! When I was writing down my dream I was mostly drawn to the sense of moving around with the white paper, without being able to draw anything on it, but had been wondering what the bit about ending up in a fancy 5 start hotel in South Africa in a room with just white people (and the uncomfortable feeling that a racially segregated grouping within a multi-racial environment tends to give me) was about. So your suggestions about persecution on the basis of race did somehow resonate, though it hasn’t exactly landed yet in what way. I guess that will require some further explorations into the feelings. I can feel a lot of sadness as well as anger around segregating and persecuting people purely on the basis of race.  

Open, it is not that I didn’t have dreams before, it is just that I usually don’t remember much about them. However, this dream did make me wonder what the relationship between dreams and karma could be? And whether one can be processing karma while dreaming without necessarily knowing it, or whether the dreams would only provide a pointer in the direction of the karma, which then still needs to be confronted in a more conscious state?