Hope2day11 hi,

Thank you for your sharing. Mindfulness has supported a lot of people to making that important first step to more freedom and happiness in their life. I teach/offer a variety of Meditation approaches within the mental health sector and Mindfulness is a great foundation indeed. Its so great to read that it has offered some gifts to you.

It is also very natural at some point for a lot of people to start asking the same question like you, what else to explore and therefore go deeper. What I would suggest is a variety of approaches that invite the whole body to engage. Breath work, movement, conscious dance methods, visualisations, Nature connection, open awareness, and others. It is asking yourself the question, what draws me. Here on Openhand we are blessed with such variety and depth. For example, the Openhand Bow meditation, which is offered in retreats and workshops and also here online, combines breath, movement and a deep sense of the energetic body. It is a courageous dive into the 'blockages' that we all have and naturally allowing their opening for more freedom and empathy to arise. There are more, so have a look here and see what draws you to explore:


Let us know how it goes because every person's experience also has its uniqueness.

Sending love <3