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Firstly, as challenging as your experiences clearly are, yes there are plenty who've had, or are having, similar as the field around them comes into view. Such energies do exist there and have in many ways created the system we live in - one that we're emerging out of.

The key with these kinds of energies is that they can only create fear, which people react to, and then they feed off - they assimilate the fearful energy people release.

The first thing I would say, is to become 'as-nothing' in it. In other words to completely accept it. Work into your fears and let go. Beocme the observer of yourself and work into any reactive contraction. The reaction is what draws them.

It's essential to realise that all such life forms are of the One and move within the One. And since you are the One, to be that, is to allow such energies to move through you without contraction and tightness. Then they have no where to attach.

We have a whole thread here dealing with how to combat psychic attack which I would suggest reading through and applying what resonates. And do stay connected with the general inquiry here, because it's all an ongoing process of self realisation...

Combating Psychic Attack

Wishing you well

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