I felt to kick the thread off by talking about something that really captures my attention and inspires me in the Openhand work - which is music. I'm inspired by all different kinds: for example deep meditation music as a means to carry the wave of consciousness through inner densities. Deuter has always helped achieved that for me, and Lex Van Someren (check out some of the classic tracks from the Openhand Events).

But I think what captures my attention most at the moment, is popular music. I see some of it moving towards inspiring infusion of soul, to bring people towards the shift to 5D consciousness. Bearing in mind, you don't have to actually intellectualise the shift to experience it.

Check out this video by Coldplay from a recent tour. It seems to me they've taken the 'rock concert' to a whole different level. It's clearly inspired hundreds of thousands of people to touch something deep inside themselves, and to me, the feeling is very ascending and euphoric, to the point of a collective rapture. There's something happening here which is much more than 'rock' or 'pop'. Whatever you think of their mnusic, they've clearly tapped into something much bigger...

Simply amazing!

So what fires your passion?