So our intrepid adventurers have traveled from far and wider to be here for this very special Easter "Living the Shift". We have people from America, Brazil, India, Sweden, Norway, Cyprus, Netherlands, the UK and of course Belgium. It is for sure a rich and diverse group of souls. And welcome also to any one else out there who might like to join in.

Today we'll begin the formal work. And I often like to get the group to contemplate where they feel they are on the path right now:

What's going on for you?
What are the patterns that are emerging to be worked with?
What are the frustrations?
And what new aspects of beingness do you feel you're being invited to bring through?

So I invite all tuning in to take time out to contemplate these questions. And feel free to share here below. I'll glady offer a supportive reflection to get the energy moving.

In loving support

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