Hi Risa, Heather and everyone else tuning into our "Blessings from Bruges" retreat. You're most welcome Heart

We had a fabulous day here yesterday, diving quickly deep into the process, and in the breaktimes, bathed in beautiful sunshine in these stunning natural surroundings. We have vibrant plant-based food courtesy of our resident chefs Sam & Katrien. It could hardly be better!

What you describe Risa & Heather sounds highly synchronous with what we worked on yesterday - exploring the "Pain Body", what it feels like, and how to align instead with the Flow State of the Mainstream of Soul, what we might call "The True Self".

Society has created an eddy current in the flow, and in that, souls have been encaptured by karmic distortion. But rather than confronting the distortion, it has instead been 'cemented' in place. The tightness that comes with being out of the flow has been placated by the soft pill of distraction or else substance consumption. The Pain Body then forms in mind, emotional body and physical body, which all originally stems from karma. The Pain Body then sinks into the background like white noise so that you don't notice it.

You only start to get a sense of it when you start to follow the soul in daily life. First we tune into the soul and experience its expansiveness, often through spiritual work. But it's when you apply this alignment into daily life where you truly encounter the Pain Body. As you start to follow the soul, you'll naturally begin to challenge the old ways of doing things. That's when you start to feel the pain, tightness, heaviness and tiredness of what you've been carrying around all this time.

But to simply drop and surpress the Pain Body when you experience it is counterproductive and ultimately doesn't work. Because the Pain Body is a distortion of the flowing truth of the soul. And so buried within it, are nuggets of 'Soul Gold' that have sunk to the bottom of the stream and gotten buried in the sediment. So we have to progressively stir up the bed, the Pain Body, to dig out and reclaim the Soul Gold.

The first step though, is to get to know the difference beteen the flow of the Soul's mainstream and the Pain Body - to realise the difference within. And to keep aligning with the soul's mainstream. That way, when you get into processing the Pain Body, you always have the mast of awareness to centre yourself in the storm of emotions and feelings that can arise.

Here's the meditation we did yesterday that I invite you to work with also...

- First begin by building up the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing
- Get to feel the lightness of the mainstream of soul and what that feels like to you.
- Now start to contemplate situations in your life that make you feel tight, worried, frustrated or angry
- Contemplate the situations, see visions of them, whose involved, notice the detail and let the feelings dredge up.
- Work to express the pain that arises, The Pain Body, as fully as you can. What colour is it? What metaphoric form do you see? Is it metallic, or organic? Is it a net, a cage, a box, for example? Intuitively see and feel the Pain Body in as much detail as possible.
- Make the sound of the Pain Body and adopt a position that best expresses it (crouched down on the floor for example).
- Put on some music and express the Pain Body in some form of movement to it (we used "Hijack" from Bladerunner).
- Get to know the Pain Body as closely as possible, but then start to breathe through and around it. Disassociate from the Pain Body - you are not it! Work instead to connect with the lighter feelings that you previously recognised as mainstream of soul.
- Crucially you're not actually processing the Pain Body at this stage. Instead you're getting to recognise it, realise it's not you, and to disassociate from it.
- Finally, we did the Openhand Bow Meditation, bending into the density of the Pain Body, but then emerging out of it into the Mainstream of Soul.

So that's the inquiry I leave you with today. Afterwhich, we'll work on the Openhand Approach of processing the density of the Pain Body out.

Fond Blessings from Bruges!

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