We're having a brilliant time here in Bruges. For me, personally, they're always fascinating experiences. You share the journey of each participant, deep into aeons of past life consciousness, and so you experience an epic "Lord of the Rings" style adventure. All of this takes place in just a few short days, and so time seems to bend and warp. It feels like you've been doing nothing else in your existence but this gathering, yet it's wrapped up in one moment of now and over in a flash!

Yesterday the group had moved into an awesome space of openness. Having broken through countless layers that bind, and deeply forged profound new gifts of beingness, the sense becomes more that you're a stream of light travalling through time and space as an interconnected part of the whole. The venue helps greatly, we're surrounded by stunning nature, which is speaking intimately to us in practically every moment. We are truly blessed!

So now there's more the feeling of the flow state. One essential aspect to accessing this state is progressively letting go of mind led intention, and instead, focussing on the subtle inner perceptions of active attention. The Universe speaks into every moment of the deeper underlying meaning and purpose. It passionately wants to  share that with us all. And when we're open to us, it will animate and express through us, just like the voracious rip curl that carries the surfer (and through more gentle waves too!).

The Flow State is a curious paradox. Many of the impulses will be quiet and subtle, hardly noticeable above the din of a busy inner landscape. And so you have to pay careful attention. You have to be realxed and open. And above all, trusting. You have to trust that the subtle percetions have meaning and purpose. There's often no need to even intellectualise them, to understand them. Simply to pay attention, attune the feeling of them and let them animate through you.

What you find is that you come into an interactive multidimensional landscape where everything is speaking to you. Nothing happens by chance - the call of a bird, the weaving spider, the buzz of a bee, or the chance synchronicity of music - all speaks into the landscape with a divine invitation: to unveil, reveal and express the majesty of you, the real YOU! The whole Universe celebrates along with us when we do this.

For all those following, here are 9 key characteristics of the Flow State to pay attention to...

1) Letting go of the need of an outcome: you move into a place of complete acceptance of the moment. You may be engaged in things, but the key is to let go of any fixation around "this must be done" or "it must look like this or like that". What this does, is open your consciousness up and expands you out more so that you can feel subtle nuances and senses coming through.

2) Incorporation of Breath and Movement: at Openhand we apply the Breakthrough Breathing to get more into an open flow state, and also movement, allowing the body to move freely, often to music. So you're feeling relaxed and at ease. It's as if you become more of a flow in the things that you do.

3) Alert Attentiveness: even though you're relaxed and flowing, there's an alert attentiveness to what's going on. In fact exactly because you're not efforting for a particular goal or objective, then you can be more aware of everything going on around you.

4) Being in The Moment:  when you're accepting your interconnectivity with the Universe, you move more into a place of trust. It means you become more engaged in the moment, attentive to what's going on around you and right under your nose. You come into the infinite potential of the Universe. Time seems to slow right down in the moment, yet hours can flash by in what seems like a short space of time.

5) Focus on Beingness: focus shifts more from what you have to do, and into how to "be" in this moment. The soul starts to animate through you and come through in different expressions, resonances and harmonies. You find yourself being more expressive and alive. It feels magical simply to express, and the moment becomes more about this. There's a curiosity and excitement about how much more there is of you that you can express and be.

6) The State of "No-mind": the mind becomes still and quiet. You can express through the mind, but you're not identified with it. It's more that you're acting through it. It's like the mind becomes transparent, like the sky, where thoughts float cross it like clouds.

7) The Five Senses Heighten: when you're being present and engaged fully in the moment, and where the mind is quiet, then you start to feel more through the five senses. It's like the full spectrum of colour and senibility intensify and heighten.

8) Higher Dimensional Guidance: because you're being more attentive and aware, then you're opening up to guidance flowing in from your own higher self, from guides in the ether and from signs and synchronicity in the flow itself. It starts to feel like everything is speaking to you. You feel divinely supported and blessed by the Universe

9) Creativity shapes around Beingness: because you've opened up into the fullness of the moment, then space time starts to shape and bend around you. You start to create more from beingness. Each situation that you've been engaged within, in relationships, jobs and general living circumstances, start to transform. The patterns of engagement change. Different objectives and goals start to flash in, ones that are more aligned with the core of who you are. As you step positively into them with authentic self expression, then more Right Action and Right Outcomes happen - things start to click in much more.

And here are 8 ways in which you can practice opening into your active Flow State...

1) Become the Observer of yourself in all that you're doing, and simply begin to witness your feelings and inner experience
2) Notice where tightness comes up in daily interactions and begin to let go into the tightness, letting go of the need for any kind of outcome
3) Meditate daily, using breathwork and conscious bodywork of some kind. Connect as often as possible with nature
4) Develop breathwork (like the Openhand Breakthrough Breathing) that connects you with your core inner self - the sense of 'rightness' of the soul
5) In your meditations, get to feel and know the tightness of the 'pain body'. It's there to be worked with (using something like the Breakthrough Approach), but don't allow it to define you as who you are
6) Let the soul begin to express through you, as a sense a feeling and perception. Practice letting it just move you, first in stillness, but then also to music that motivates you
7) Look for the feeling sense of rightness of the soul, and start to come from that place more in day to day life. Respond to the inner pull (especially if 'inconvenient), and look for authentic expression to come from there.
8) pay attention to supportive signs and synchronicity - attune to the feedback loops the Universe is building with you.

There is nothing like being in this Flow State. It feels like destiny being realised. As if it is meant to be.

People on the spiritual journey often wonder and work towards accessing the deep sense of core beingness, that deep peace that some spiritual teachers seem to have accessed. To us at Openhand, you cannot separate the flow of relativity in the universe from the infinite stillness of pure presence - the singularity from which all existence continues to arise. You cannot have one in isolation of the other. And to aim for the deep peace of pure presence is the very intention that creates separation from that place. But what you can do is align with the flow - the feeling Flow State. In which case, you find yourself effortlessly riding the wave back to presence inside of you. It happens without intention. You find you've been doing something for several hours and you've been so intimate with it, so ultra aware, that the time has disappeared in a flash.

Which brings me right back to now, right back to this gathering. We will shortly complete the closing ceremony. It feels like its all happened in a flash. And yet we've shared deeply memorable journies that have spanned through eternity.


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