Dear Open, dear all,

thank you so much for another opportunity to accompany an event through the ether. It made me think and feel a lot during the last couple of days and the long weekend. Recently there are two situations where i found myself flowing while doing physical work (contrary to my office job).

Last week i started to build a house for the two chicken that were given to me. At first, the reflections of the concept of the chicken house gave me a sleepless night but as i started the real work with wood, screws, tools, i realized again that this is really fulfilling. After some days of short work there was a moment where every screw broke, and i was becoming slightly frustrated and wondering whether to stop and wait for the next day. I became still inside and found the inner Warrior Ray 1 waiting there for me to reckognize him. Like someone playing hide and seek, i had to giggle at myself. As i found him it was clear that i would break through and continue working.


Some weeks ago i started another project - building a terrace in front of my house which evolved bit by bit, and that was totally ok. Now, maybe related to the full moon, i found myself wanting to continue the work i begun. So the last full two days i spent on arranging all the paving stones and to frame them with cement so nothing would move. Masonry is quite something i wanted to explore for a long time. Now my skin is burned from being outside all day long, my knee hurts, my hands hurt - and i recognize it and accept the limits of my body. It is quite rewarding to be active and at the end of the day see (and feel of course) what you have done, without having had the direct objective to achieve it.These two days went by so incredibly fast, i was surprised as i had a look at the clock. And no notion of being hungry, just flowing.

Lots of love,