Dear Open and all others ,

Our gathering was profoundly moving and poignant . I had hoped for a deep experience but had truly come without expectation . And I was blown away ! And already in my 3 D life ,stuff has started to happen . 

I am currently in Istanbul 'stuck ' as my flight was delayed . And feel to see the Hague Sophia. A little girl named Sophia was traveling with me . I kept reflecting to Anastasia how I didn't get any dreams . I have started having massive ones  ! I dreamt of these elephants cowering down as a series of explosions rocks their environment. I am in a very dank hospital trying to take care of my patients until ones skin gets a condition and opens to reveal the abdomen . Curiouser and curiouser things are at my end . Hope the rest of you are safely ensconsed home already . 

And dear roomies - Dagmaar,Anastasia ,Marye and Heike - I miss you all already ❤️

Lots of love !