hi Openhanders, I simply just don't know where to start so I just in Openhand fashion go with the flow of it. So much happened to me during the retreat and it's happening on so many different levels that I cannot understand it right now. And that's okay it still feel the processes going on. I feel like doing nothing and let it all just unfold and work through me. I had quite some fears going into the retreat, fears of being among other people for 6 days continuously. But luckily i wasn't among ordinary people but angels who embraced the totality of my being and continually kept shining their beauty at me. The safe space everyone held for each other to express themselves authentically was such a gift. In it I was able to let anything happen that wanted to happen.

I can whole heartedly recommend this retreat to anyone who is ready to explore the depths of there being. It is not for the faint-hearted though but if you feel you are ready, i'd say 'jump'. Open has meticulously set out a thread throughout the retreat that helps you to dive into your own density, come through it and feel the expansiveness of your own soul. On top of that countless other benevolent energies from other planes are coming to assist to move the energies and bring clarity. So in other words: the whole retreat is a multi- dimensional event that defies human understanding.🙉

And as a bonus I met some long lost friends again who brought tears to my eyes and i have a feeling that I'm going to travel with them for some time to come. I basically feel I found a new home with the Openhand energy.

i like to give special thanks to the Openhand team: Jean, Marije, Heike and Open for letting this event run smoothly and holding the space. 

See all of you beautiful souls down the flow 🌊💜