Full of gratitude for yet another amazing Openhand retreat! So glad I decided to join last minute. They seem to be getting more sophisticated every time and this particular occasion there was indeed quite a diverse range of souls represented. Other than the usual thanks to Open for all his guidance, also a special gratitude to my “witch” sisters for our evening ceremonies, particularly the magical dance around the fire!

There was quite a bit of unpleasant processing happening for me, with strange pains and feelings of extreme heaviness, and therefore I somehow felt compelled to continue with a 3 day juice/water fast after the retreat, which started yesterday. After all the processing from the retreat it actually doesn’t feel all that hard to do, apart from the occasional flushes of extreme sweating. Other than that, I had strange dreams last night, and was waking up in the middle of them, which is quite unusual for me, so I was actually able to write two dreams down in a half sleep state. I won’t go into the detail of them, but the interesting thing is that both dreams revolved around the same theme, namely having to catch a flight, in one dream to Malawi and the other dream to Asia, and due to all sorts of events in which a mix of random people from my childhood and more recent life appeared, I ended up missing my flight. Well, the dreams actually didn’t get as far as actually missing the flight, but I woke up in both of them somewhere at the point that it was clear that there wasn’t enough time anymore to get to the airport in time (in the first dream actually because I completely underestimated how long the journey would take). Not long ago I shared somewhere on one of the forums about a dream that was also about catching a flight, actually a connecting flight to Malawi in Ethiopia. I am curious what other strange dreams tonight might bring and how many more flights I might miss Tongue Out Emoji!