Peaceful Protests are growing internationally showing solidarity with the killing of George Floyd. But clearly this is not just about the killing of one person - it's about systematic oppression and injustice that's endemic in society. To me, it's highly synchronistic that this should be happening on the back of the virus pandemic. Whatever the disinformation that the mainstream media continues to propagate, my sense is we're at a stage where human consciousness has had enough of being repressed and oppressed, in whatever guise that might be. Including bogus lockdown measures.

I can tell you that meditatiing on this all yesterday, and feeling into the field, it was intensely difficult the whole day just to contain the upwelling of the consciousness without it boiling over inside of me in some way. I can also say that it is able to be integrated and held. And that this sovereign strength is necessary for the emergence of a new emboldened human consciousness.