I hearing a widely varying spectrum of views in terms of what's bubbling up across our planet right now. It's challenging each to find their own truthful and aligned expression in it. That's not easy, because the external narratives by state or by media, are generally not rightfully configured to contain that energy, other than by force.

Let me be clear, I strongly maintain that it's the represssion of human consciousness that is systematic through many different guises across society which is the cause. It feels like human consciousness was restricted unjustly by the propogation of fear during the pandemic lockdown, that has been difficult for the majority to resolve through. But now the brutality we witnessed (to George Floyd) has triggered a more straightforward expression and release. Now this is being misdirected and (in my view) purposefully confused so as to take the pressure from the state.

I've always mantained that you cannot constrain aligned soul consciousness indefinitely. It will always bubble up and find a way... the "systemic anomally" that manifested as Neo in the brilliant Matrix series.

We stand at a pivotal point in human history,
and whatever smoke screens are plastered over the top,
I've no doubt, that ultimately, the truth of aligned soul will find a way.

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