Here is an important video which joins the dots very well in terms of where society's controllers are heading - or at least trying to head - in reshaping the "New Norm". It's a pretty bleak and sobering watch (in my view), but important in order to be clear what the Ascending Group needs to be wary of and unravel from.

The Hopi spelled it out incredibly well on their prophecy stone: that there would be two clear directions for humanity - either that of increased technology leading to an abrupt deadend,  or harmonious reconnection and alignment with the natural rhythms of Gaia.

What you see in the film is the Transhumanistic Agenda, that of the ET Intervention behind all of this. It's marrying man with machine to enhance their number in a collectivised consciousness. What we've witnessed in the pandemic, is a clear movement towards this "harvesting".

The way things are shaping at this time, my sense is that you're getting a divergence of souls - "the divergents" - who will reject the program, aswell as plenty who will sleep walk into accepting it. It's essential that we stay alert and aware of unfolding developments so that the program doesn't restrict the liberties and free movement for us all.

At the beginning of the year, I spoke about the importance of Navigating with 2020 Vision - being clear about where your destiny lies. And as more of us chose the ascending pathway of freedom, you blaze a trail for others to follow. That's why it felt so important to introduce the World Ascension Summit Avalon Rising at this time too. We will rise out of this madness!

Folks, we can break this program, we ARE BREAKING THIS PROGRAM!...