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This is indeed very alarming, esp with regards to accessing thoughts and emotions and utilizing a framework to limit both. 

If this becomes actualized, it will transform humanity into greys in a way, since physical death is eliminated for transhumans


Programming in conjunction with mind control will be extremely difficult to escape once in place esp for the uninitiated in the ways of the Soul, it’s unthinkable that souls will choose this method of self realization  


Soul expression is necessary now more than ever, People need to know what’s really going on to make informed choices, but many will hop on the chance to be “superhuman” to alleviate a reality perceived as dull or inglorious. 

I see more degeneracy resulting from this, esp in the higher levels, control on this format can only corrupt absolutely. I can never wrap my head around control over others instead of control of ONESELF


No time to slack! Peace and blessings to all 


Namaste 🙏🏽