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Hi Adrian - yes, for sure, lots of spiritual leaders confused out there about what's going on.

This is where we have to feel it rather than think it. The shadow state is certainly trying to confuse things and many stories are also channeled (by them) through 'whistleblowers' to the spiritual mainstream.

Consider it this way...

There's a genuine rebellion of consciousness which the controllers are concerned about. So they apply various strategies: (1) misguide it with funding and then violence (2) steer press coverage to their narrative (3) 'leak' insider stories to the spiritual mainstream groups that the rebellion is actually a cover for the deep state agenda. So especially with point 3, the spiritual uprising defeats itself because it ceases to give energy to the rebellion and even talks about it in negative terms.

Actually what I do believe - feel - is happening is a widespread uprising but in many different guises and directions, which is the reflection of different sovereign soul groups and characteristics. Now that's definitely worth giving energy to!

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