The first part of these retreats is all about breaking through and beyond the internal relationship to fixed and limited identity. The ideas and subconscious beliefs that keep people limited in some kind of box; a box that then requires some kind of fulfillment within society that then draws you into lifestyles that constrain. So we're working within to challenge all of this, break down the limitations, and feel interconnected again as a flow within the Universe. In other words we're connecting with the soul outside of the box (and through the box).

It's always amazing when you witness people liberating themselves in this way. That's the process which we began the first day here at Eden Rise.

Essentially we applied 3 meditational techniques to do that...

Breathrough Breathing - which you can sample and download here
The Openhand Bow - which you can watch a free video of here and download here
Openhand Soulmotion - which is movement designed to liberate soul. Explore soulmotion here

Essentially, we're applying allchemical 'magic'. And that's exactly one of the pieces of music that animated the soul yesterday. Soften, breathe, how does it want to move your soul?

What gets you in that magical flow state? Do feel free to share.

Love to everyone tuning in.

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