Dear Open ,

I have been in the throes of deep karmic processing the past three days . And yesterday something settled within. It felt like I was dealing with the pain of being abandoned and of loneliness with no ' family ' to connect to. It was extremely painful experience triggered off by a very innocuous comment and prospect of change . 

Yesterday after the Bow ( which has been my life saver in the past three days ) I felt a little more settled . And I lay down and did the Ascension meditation after a long time 😄. I read your post after I felt a tug on my heart and decided to see what was new on the website . 

As far as challenges are concerned : 

Staying with the clarity that Bruge gave me despite the density I am immersed in . Working through karma and showing up more authentically 

Gifts : I am overflowing with Gratitude today morning ( after processing I am hugely humbled by the opportunity to do this in human form )  and I don't even know where to start. The scary opportunity that has come my way like a miracle is that I have been asked to submit a book proposal. The book itself is supposed to be a feminist treatise on how capitalism destroys the medical system and how it hurts women the most in the Indian perspective.  I will confess openly - I am shit scared . Of writing it ,of it being out there . Of showing my true self. Just yesterday though I think I may have found a bread crumb - a woman who is an obstetrician herself who is into looking at things differently . 

I am going to Bhutan soon. A nation steeped in spirituality and Trees . Here too an opportunity has come up . To help with their challenges in handling newborns . 

Lots of love and support through the ether to the souls doing this brave and important process. 

Lots of love ,