We're having a tremendous time here at Eden Rise, spurred on enormously by the weather too - blue skies and plenty of sunshine from our Solar Logos. It's making it very easy to transcend and become as-one with nature.

The last two days we've been working with the Openhand Meditation Techniques to soften the ego, and break down this 'point source identity' that is fixed in time and space - the illusion of the false self. When you really dig deep, and the nature of the self is questioned and reflected, then the identity starts to unravel. It can feel a degree confusing or destabilising at first - the way you related to the world starts to transform. At this point, some will hang on temporarily, grasping to a degree of control. But control in itself is an illusion - you can't control the Universe. Literally everything is moving, shifting and reshaping in time and space. Even if society seems rigid and fixed, it is only temporary in the grand scheme of things.

You've got to open up and let it all go!

So that's where we're at here at Eden Rise right now. The group is progressively letting it all go and coming into a greater sense of softness and openness.

This song featured in one of the deep letting go processes yesterday. You could palpably feel consciousness releasing.

Today's Inquiry: So take some time today. As you go about your daily life, watch where tightness and constriction come into mind and body and emotions. What outcome are you needing? Can you completely let go of needing to control the moment?

In preparation for the day, take a few moments to breathe, let go within, work to relinquish control, and then feel the sentiment in this beautiful song...

In loving support,

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