"Rise Eden Rise!"

A HUGE smile appeared on my face when I saw the title of this retreat, since just a day prior I was graced with the reappearance of an old friend – EDEN, the Green Snake!

She made her entrance through my base and I could clearly see and feel her RISE through my three lower chakras. It was a dear and joyful reacquaintance that sent tingles of divine feminine expansion all throughout my being.

A few days before Eden’s reawakening, I had been overwhelmed by this sudden rage that fired up inside of me. It was catalysed by my 2 year old son who would not respect my physical boundaries, despite my repeated attempts to make him back off. His typical distorted masculine aggressive manner and continuous disrespect for my personal integrity in combination with the fact that I am his mother and therefore bound to taking care of and nurturing him no matter what he does to me, made me feel so trapped and out of control that eventually a voice just screamed out in desperation inside of me. The situation intrigued me. What was it about this position I found myself in that had me feeling so completely powerless and victimised?

As I contemplated this question (whilst fuming inside with anger towards my son), a part of me deep within my inner layers began to break down and sob. I recognised it as the deep pain of the divine feminine, for not being allowed to be her soft, vulnerable, delicate, unconditionally loving self without being attacked and persecuted for it. It was the lament of that sublimely beautiful part of HER that should naturally be honoured, revered, celebrated, and raised. Instead, my son’s behaviour triggered deep wounds of repeatedly being suppressed, disrespected, discharged, used, raped, and belittled. Way down inside me I could feel her energetic compression. How she couldn’t stand tall in all her glory, but was continually forced to duck, dodge, avoid, bend, twist, and contort herself in order to survive the constant attacks on her natural state of being.

As I immersed myself in the pain of these energetic twists and contortions inside me, I suddenly remembered that this was exactly what EDEN, the Green Snake had been telling me about, back in October last year. I wrote quite an extensive recount of that experience here on the Openhand forum, and so I had to go back and reread what I had posted. I realised that Eden’s gift to me was the initiation of a profound exploration into the gifts and challenges of the divine feminine, that I was now experiencing firsthand.


Why can’t She just be allowed to Be and Blossom in all her glorious exquisite vulnerability?

Why does She constantly have to live in fear of the next hard distorted masculine thrust?

What does She need to do in order to RISE on her own terms?


Then it did RISE inside of me –The RAGE – like a sudden eruption of a volcano! The fire filled my whole being and it rooted my two feet deeply into the ground as I felt this UPRISING coming straight from the core of MOTHER EARTH Herself and up through my entire being.


What happens if I don't duck when the bullets come flying?

What happens if I don't shut down my heart after it's been broken or betrayed?

What happens if I stop trying to fix or save others and begin to nurture myself?


This rage, I asked the Universe, what is it, where does it come from?

"Feel it. It is THE WRATH OF ISIS!"


The Wrath of Isis…


What does that mean? The Wrath of Isis?
What is Isis so angry about?


Naturally, I went on an exploration into the story of Isis and Osiris and also Open’s recount of Isis in DIVINICUS, and I discovered what her wrath is about for me. But that’s another story, and besides I find it more interesting to leave it as an open question for anyone who might feel intrigued by it and may wish to explore it for themselves.

What is Isis so angry about?


… …


The Rise of Eden
The Wrath of Isis
The Uprising of Gaia



Yes. I do!

And if this wasn't enough, at the end of last week I was struck by a personal unpleasant turn of events that had MAGDALENE written all over it. At first I felt completely floored by the situation, but then I saw the clever ‘wink’ of Magdalene so skilfully woven into it, my pain turned into a smile. And I know I just have to RISE again and keep going.

I don’t know where it will take me but I have to keep exploring. And my next stop is distorted Magdalene energy, which I don’t feel so knowledgeable about. SO…

OPEN, since you’ve asked us to explore distortions, I’d like to ask if you would aid my exploration by sharing more in depth what you know about distorted Magdalene energy. For example…

How does it play out in romantic relationships?

What are the typical traps the distorted masculine might fall into when in contact with typical distorted Magdalene energy?

For some reason, associations with the mythological SIRENS come up for me. Is there a connection between the Sirens and Magdalene energy?

How might it distort a Mother-Child or family relationship?

How does Magdalene energy differ from Isis or other representations of the divine feminine?


In honour of the sweet synchronicity of EDEN – the Green Snake  and the title of this retreat “Rise Eden Rise!” I will conclude with Eden’s own words as she poetically transferred them to me at the end of our last adventure back in October


For I am part of you, and you are part of me, and there is nothing that I have done unto you that you haven’t done unto yourself.

As I Rise, you will Rise, and as you Rise, I will Rise.

And so we will dance back into the Garden of Eden together.


With divine feminine Love,