Well it's great to have all you guys tuning in - wonderful to see you Alex, Apollonius, Ansastasia & Megha Heart

Alex, you ask about guidance and that if you followed the multidimensional flow, it would be pulling you off all over the place! I'd like to talk about two dynamics in relation to this. Firstly the 3D construct has so divorced itself from the flow, that if you've built a life that is mainly configured around it, then the flow will challenge many of these fixed constructs when it activates. So you can indeed expect that to happen.

On another issue, remember the flow is not trying to take you anywhere specific, but to animate authentic beingness, from which, reality then creates. So keep working on the revelation of beingness.

Remember also the ray 4 "Diplomat" aspect of the soul, which is all about bridging into different realities. But you've got to be really consistent with this one. Meaning if you find youself in a reality that is very out of the flow, then you'll need to pay special attention to honouring your own truth in it. In effect, you're already honouring the truth of the others there by being in that reality. So work to honour your own truth.

That's what I believe the taxi driver was conveying by "it's hard to follow the signs".

When you follow the pull and it connects you to the flow - is that a heart felt pull?

You might need to apply a different internal dynamic in order to follow the flow in a denser, closed down environment. It might be more watching for the landing of knowing, but then witnessing and hearing the signs which the lower mind is then interpreting.


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