Hi Anastasia,

Firstly, thanks for sharing your beuatiful expression of the surrendering divine feminine with your 2 year old son.
"The Divine Feminine is the Flower that sprays fragrence over the boots that have trashed it" - unknown
Which to me, says it all. Heart

You ask about the distorted Magdelene energy, which I have to say, has been quite an inquiry of mine to witness and experience in this lifetime.

I've found the Magdalene energy is a captivating example of the divine feminine. It's there to unconditionally love and accept the excessive distortions of the divine masculine. In the temple of Isis, there was an healing 'modality' that allowed for the masculine to freely express distorted sexuality in order to bring awareness to it - which of course leads to healing. And I witness this general dynamic working at large in society right now.

The distortion of the divine Magdalene comes when there's neediness involved in the giving. So from the place of lack of self love, the distorted sense of 'love' for self is taken by becoming the object of sexual desire. The energy presents as being exceptionally alluring - it works energetically to pull the divine masculine in, and then will try to bond around that forming reality constructs. Which is where "Black Snake" energy can creep in.

That's briefly my sense of it.

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