Hi Megha,

Yes, self doubt is often a distortion of the ray 3 inquiring principle of the Universe (but not necessarily limited to that).

So the ray 3 is that aspect of the soul which is constantly questioning "what is real here?" "where is the flow?" "what is authentic?"

It's questioning where the flow is heading so as to crystallise it into reality.

It becomes distorted when we allow it to question whether there is a flow or not. In other words, there's then detachment from the flow. This leads to distorted reality constructs forming (like the one we're living in), where things tend not to work out for plenty of people. There's a yearning of authentic soul to express, which doesn't necessarily get reflected back by those around. This is where the ray3 arising of energy through the soul might turn in on itself and create a self-doubting identity.

To unwind that is to allow yourself to 'make mistakes'. To let go of the need for a specific outcome and let the flow guide you naturally to circumstances where you simply express. Then watch for the supportive synchronicity simply reflecting your expression.

Wishing you well

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