We've had an exceptionally transformative time here at Eden Rise, which was reflected strongly yesterday on the final full day. It's where we put everything together from the "Openway" process and let it guide you into the landscape. You simply witness and feel the flow, allowing it to guide you through expression, then to witness the reflections you get back - I call it "free wheeling" and it's exceptionally transformative the more you follow it.

What needs to happen is a softening of the mind's judgment and fixed relationships with reality. What do I mean? The mind forms constructs of what it expects reality to be. In any given moment, we are irradiated with around 400 billion bits of information about reality, and this is only in the 3D! However the mind/brain (on average) can only cope with a paltry 2000 bits of information in any given moment. So what it does is watch for expected patterns and applies conditioned 'overlays' over the incoming information - filtering out what it doesn't recognise. And that's how people create limited reality constructs based on programming and what they expect reality to be. This is severely limiting and something at Openhand we're working to open up by directly challenging inside.

So instead, you simply allow the flow of the soul to move within and work to sense/feel the subtle perceptions. You allow more the flash landing of higher knowing (felt as that "aha" eureka moment) or the heartfelt pull simply to guide you. As it takes you to places, you're then looking out into the world but softening the judgments and labels of "this is this" and "that is that". Instead you look at the reflections presenting - a cloud formation for example, and allow the imagination simply to tell you what that might represent - a dragon for example, which came up yesterday. You then ask, "how does the sense of the dragon make me feel inside?" It might be speed, strength, boldness and a sense of magic for example (these might be a combination of the ray 1 and ray 7). Now if you embody those qualities, how does that energy inform how to act in your reality, how to be, and from that, the choices you now make? It leads much more to making choices from the sense of being, rather than from doing.

Now you shape a different landscape around you that is based more on the authentic you.

So if you're tuning into the work, here's how I would recommend you experience this...

Take off at least 1 free hour. Sit quietly in meditation for a short while - about 5 minutes to relax and connect up to the flow state. Maybe do some soulmotion movements. Then let yourself pose a question about your current reality. But not so much "what should I do about this?" More coming from a place of, "what is this situation now inviting me to be?" Then take off with the question, free wheeling, simply going with the higher knowing or heart felt pull. Let it draw you naturally to places and witness what you see there. Feel into what you notice. What might that be reflecting to you about how to be? Now work to embody that energy as a feeling sense. Then contemplate how you might now approach the situation you had considered but applying that new sense of energy into it. You don't have to imagine exactly what you're going to do, but more how to be in it. Then see how reality starts to change.

Above all, work to come from the place of intrigue and fun!


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