Hi Anastasia - such a powerful dream and story - thanks for sharing.

Clearly you saw the unembraced shadow aspect of yourself in the girl. And the question then might arise, "so why can't I love that being just the same?"

I find this 3D existence here so dominated by how things appear on the surface - the idealisation of looks and beauty - such as in the video for example (great song by the way!). We tend to get so allured by looks. The question is can we see past the physical and really feel the soul. I believe this is the measure of true love.

No being is without distortion. Perfection is not possible in the relative. And so souls will embody with the expression of these imperfections too. Including amongst them the attachment to beauty - in a specific look. I often witness here that when people pay so much attention to how they look, it often conceals something they don't really want to look at within.

On my own journey, I work to look externally only for reflections, which when you look, appear literally everywhere. There is 'beauty' in everything and 'ugliness'. What then is truly 'beauty' or 'ugliness'? Are these not also judgments of a deceiving mind?

Perhaps then what each individual soul is really looking for, under the skin, is resonance and alchemy? Does this other being resonate and animate something that you can feel in yourself? Is that then not true beauty, true love?

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In the alchemy, somehow this song seemed appropriate to the inquiry...