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Dear Anastasia ,

I felt that something is kicking off for me after I read your last comment. And it did. 

So firstly I have been down the whole route of not feeling my own beauty . I was the little vulnerable fat girl drowning her sensitivity ,that she didn't know what to do with,in fat and sugar. In many ways she is still there devouring chocolate when she needs grounding or an escape or Love. It's been a long road . And where I am now ,I can see her with compassion but I feel Real  Beauty in every inch of me these days . The next part is somehow related to you ,though I'm not sure how 

For the last three days ,I have learnt how random people had plantar fasciitis . A condition where there is burning in the soles of the feet . Interestingly I was just sitting by myself minding my own business when a neighbour came and told me about how her sister was in pain - she has a cyst in her brain. This caused her much anxiety . As also burning in her feet . My mom also sufferred from this. As I was leaving through a beautiful book( Belonging ,Tokopa Turner) ,the author also describes this condition and how ,in her case she traced it back to her grandfathers experience when he walked across glass during the war. Then another friend revealed also talked about it. I also was experiencing a twinge in the sole of my left foot by now . 

Also deep feelings of sadness and abandonment . As I did my yoga I felt deeply I to my calves and ankles and the lower half of my body . An image emerged . I was burnt on the stake. The flames licking my feet . And yet even that didn't hurt me as much as seeing the eyes of the lover that had abandoned me. I cried a lot and still I can feel much that wants to come up . I really HAD to tell you this even though it's not quite resolved yet. There seems to be many many threads in different lifetimes . 

Do let me know if something comes up for you . Lots of love