Dear Sister Megha,
It speaks to me on so many levels, I can’t even begin to put it all in a post. Here are just a few of my thoughts.
Do you remember the exchange we had on my post about the Surrendering Shadow, shortly before Bruge? You mentioned working on ancestral karma and for some weird reason I felt to tell you about a past life regression of mine where my present female bloodline was reversed. I didn’t share any details then but I mentioned it was very tragic. Well...
I was the eyes of a mother looking upon the daughter she had abandoned now being burned at the stake...
Remember our first morning in Bruge? We went for a walk and I experienced synchronicity after synchronicity related to my experiences with EDEN and the Goddess Diana - the Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft. I was even wearing a shirt with deer on it, which was/is the sacred animal of Diana’s AND it was a full moon that night. Two days later, we spontaneously found ourselves with 3 other dear sisters in a witchy circle of 5...
But I feel the connection goes even further back than that - SIRIUS! We have connected several times over that on this forum. Both feeling we were messengers of an uncomfortable truth of some kind that was not kindly received. Something in your last post really spiked this for me on a new level -  your reference to the Gift of Sight!
The Gift of Sight is something I also have and have struggled with in many lifetimes, including this one. Seeing, intuiting, and ‘knowing’ things is a gift but also a real challenge when people don’t want to hear or believe what you naturally see/feel is the way a certain energy is headed. My strongest memory from Sirius is just that - Being a scientist who discovered a dangerous anomaly in the energetic field before everyone else did. For me the pain centers around not being heard/believed and supported by my closest, and because of that choosing not to disclose what I saw/suspected to a wider audience. From what you have expressed it seems you dared to go out with whatever information you possessed, but were severely persecuted for it as a result. Am I correct? Two variations, but they originate in the same challenge. Having access to information before others and what to do with it.
It is also a typical Gift that was associated with Witches. And definitely something one might have been persecuted and burned for at the stake for in the past. So my sense is we have both struggled with this for many many lifetimes. Add to that the eyes of a Lover who abandoned you (I can see myself in that one too) and you have yourself a karmic drama of gut wrenching proportions. (Your whole passage on 'Guts' and 'Intestines' btw, really spiked for me as well, since just then I was dealing with a situation with someone that literally felt like my guts were being carved out) Oh, the simple joys of karmic processing!
It is also really interesting that you felt this gift really take off for you in Bruge which is where you and I ‘officially’ reconnected. Perhaps our meeting sparked something in you. You sure sparked a lot of things in me 😉.
Or perhaps you just found yourself in an environment of accepting souls you felt weren’t going to shoot you down for your gift and therefore felt comfortable enough to unleash it.
There is so much more, but I’ve written enough already. I just want to finish by letting you know that I have been feeling you in my meditations lately. Like you, I keep Bowing and Bowing. When I go through really challenging times, there always seems to be a compassionate soul in the ether who comforts me and holds the space for me. Right now YOU are my supportive Angel, comforting me with sisterly Love. Thank You.
This morning, our two "fat girls" sat together and cried sweet tears of release and acceptance. It felt just like sharing a tub of heavenly ice cream, except it was made only of pure sisterly LOVE. Heart
In honour of our beautiful 'voluptuous' Goddesses, I want to share this song with you that was playing over and over in the background... Enjoy!