This entire piece and the one before have set so much in motion within me that I can only respond by saying I feel our sisterhood more intensely than ever.

A warmth has spread in my heart . The betrayal ,by a man ,a lover . I have felt that and that pain has been reverberating withing me forming thick bars around my heart. I didn't know it at the time but throughout my adolescence and twenties I was physically afraid of men. I numbed out in their presence . Even with my own partner it took me a lot of time and processing to actually not be numb despite not having a conscious trigger . And now that I have processed some of  the pain ,I can feel their essences ,and their distortions . I feel into them as I do with animals and plants and other women . And they respond energetically ,delighted by my Presence. 

And yet the pain around my heart remains . Some of the ice is cracking though. The point that hurt the most was where a Lance was struck in jealousy that was unfounded. 

You wrote in the earlier post about persecution for being a witch. I am sitting here feeling the welts of a whipping and the blood trickling down my back . 

The Angel that saves us all . My heart feels full just feeling into that statement . 

Thank you for sharing this. I have also felt I to some more around this situation but will connect offline. 

Thank you so much ❤️