I woke up suddenly from a dream.
A recurring nightmare of loss, abandonment,
and trying to find my way through darkness.

The bright sight of an Angel
lit up my newly awakened eyes,

but despite my astonishment,
her face wasn't completely unfamiliar.
I had seen it as the occasional fleeting light
in the corner of my nightmare's eye.

"Who are you?"  I asked

"That is the wrong question."  She answered

"What is the Right question then?"

"Who is my true Mother and who is my true Father?"


I made sure to write it down so I wouldn't forget...


*** ***


It is not Me being awakened now.
It is Me awakening every other unclaimed sleeping part of me.
It is Me showing up in their dreams
as the reminiscent Light in the corner of their consciousness.

I am the Mother now
I am the Source
I am the Womb

I am the One calling my Children,
echoing their true names through the Whispering Wind.

Countless bridges of Light
emanating from my being,
encompassing the entire Earth.
Each landing in the wilted heart of an orphaned child
that once lost its will to dream.

They can hear me now.
Every single one of them waking up to the Call.
A thousand sparks ignited
by the resonance of Divine Memory.

I am no longer the one searching,
looking for guidance to give me the answers.

I AM the Answer
I AM the Guide

And I see them all rising now.
All beautiful parts of me,
opening their luminescent eyes,
unable to resist the pull.

They know their journey Home has begun.
Back to their true Mother.
Back to their true Father.
Back to where they Belong.

They dare to dream again
They remember
And they know


They are Loved



- Anastasia