I felt to draw attention to this Openhand article again today, "Exposing the Myth of the Critical Mass Ascension". In my view, history generally reveals that waves of people are preparing themselves to ascend at any given time, not the whole civilisation. There's no reason that this shouldn't happen, but it does depend on each individual doing the necessary karmic processing and forging of soul.

In society right now, to my eyes, there is most definitely a divergence of those preparing to ascend and the majority readily acquiescing to the control narrative. Maybe this will change further down the path, but at this time, I don't see any evidence of that.

It's important for evolving people in the ascending group to take note: you definitely don't have to wait for those around you and get held back thinking you do. I'd say focus on your own journey and connect with those who are inspired by what you're doing.

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