wow, so true and beautifully expressed, they say white is made from frequencies and spectrum of all colors, what a lightness of color, what strength and integrity to hold them all together and getting acknowledged in a way to purity and piety 

The beauty is in the seeing of grace although grace is happening always....and still all colours have their own uniqueness, their beauty and their sovereignty is but not lost, each has its own depth and virtue therefore, creator's way of empowering each colour, for probably someone out there mentioned grey to see the miracle of white and a tinge of black and that it does not lessen the personality of individual white and black........if black dominates and overpowers white somehow, whether it may realize or not, the truth will be - it will not truly be black..

it is of utmost importance to know our true nature, so interesting that the paramatma (God) is called nirgun nirankar (above or beyond attribute and formless), and yet manifests as all that is, divine knowledge, great love and benevolence or grace then opens the door to know ones greater self, The atom is one and was forgotten once in the making of the world or cosmos and then found again one day by those who wanted to know more...

love is alchemy