27/11/20: Openhand Journal Update: I felt to share this article again today, "Exposing the Myth of the Critical Mass Ascension". It's an essential exploration for all on the path of the shift, for a number of important reasons. Firstly, to understand that each soul is having their own journey, in their own time and at their own speed. Some souls have journied plenty more and integrated more - they are ready for the shift. Whereas plenty are simply not at this point - and that's entirely okay. Just as you wouldn't want another soul to walk your path for you, so it's not compassionate and truly caring to try to walk someone else's path for them - to encourage them to run before they can walk.

Exposing the Myth of the "Critical Mass" Ascension

What it also means is that for those who recognise they are moving with the shift and it's right for them to do so, not to get drawn back by guilt, attachment or sense of obligation to those around us who are not shifting.

Let's be clear: certainly in what Openhand is given to put forwards, Gaia is shifting into the Higher 5D Paradigm and building the new construct there, based on the 5D Crystalline Grid. It will indeed be a "golden age". But it certainly doesn't require everyone to join that, if they're not at this time ready. 2020 has demonstrated an opening divide, a parting of the waves, where some will willingly go into the new synthetic reality of the 4th Industrial Revolution - it will lead to another 3D/4D construct, that probably goes off planet as the shift completes. But for those who stay here, and move with Gaia's shift, we'll move into the New 5D Paradigm. And that definitely does NOT depend on some critical mass of people for it to happen.

I encourage all to contemplate this and to meditate with it. It's something we often explore in the Openhand Events and Retreats. To become accustomed to the different pathways of the soul - and the parting of the waves of which the Hopi Elders also spoke. It's essential to equalise with this and become accustomed with it - to be clear and determined to follow your own pathway, no matter what - for it will take this level of commitment to journey through the challenges to come. Remember also, that we are never truly separate. The love for others remains in our hearts. And no doubt, at some point down to flow, if the natural Law of Attraction creates it, then you'll meet with loved ones who take a different journey at this time.

Above all, be clear to centre in your own path and own journey of realisation. It's why I found it essential expose the myth of the critical mass ascension....

Exposing the Myth of the "Critical Mass" Ascension


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